August Grooming has created a sleek collection of luxury combs and cases that lend itself to superior function.  All August collections are designed with a larger handle to give a substantial feel and reveal the rich contours across the top of the comb. Although more difficult to make, the result is superior.


The assortment of bold colors and rich patterns offered by August is at the heart of the brand. Inspired by abstract artwork, the use of colors is meant to connect, stimulate and inspire.  It’s this artistic quality that we're committed to and what makes the August comb more than a grooming product. 


Both the comb & case are handmade using a classic Italian process, each comb is shaped with precise detail from a slab of select grade acetate. Given the unique nature of the material, each comb will have subtle variances in the pattern so no comb from August is exactly the same – making each piece genuinely unique.

The suede case is crafted from genuine Italian leather, styled to hold the comb securely but with enough slack to remove with ease.  The look of the suede case paired with any of the August combs is a beautiful combination.